Chapter 6: Working with Solutions

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To be able to work with multiple different solutions for the same sudoku concurrently is one of the most advanced features of HoDoKu (and it makes a lot of fun too!). The screenshots below show two very different solution paths for one and the same sudoku:

Screenshot: Two different solutions for the same sudoku - Solution 1 Screenshot: Two different solutions for the same sudoku - Solution 2

Both solutions work independently from each other. You can jump to any step in any solution with a simple mouse click, you can add, change, and delete solutions and if you save your sudoku to a file in hsol format all solutions are saved as well.

Jumping to steps

Screenshot: Solution path view - contexct menu

If you have a solution you can jump to any step by just double clicking it or by using the right mouse button to activate the context menu and choosing "Solve all before".

Both options solve the sudoku up until the step above the line you have chosen and highlight the chosen step.

This does work even if you have more than one solution for the same sudoku: Choose the solution by clicking the appropriate tab at the bottom of the step list. The sudoku will change according to your last selection in that particular solution. After that you can choose any step from the list as described above.

Changing solutions

Changing a solution is a three step process:

It is possible to add multiple steps at once, although you are responsible for the correct synchronization of the "All possible steps" and the "Solution path" views. To add multiple steps:

Note: It is possible to simulate a "batch" solve (more than one step executed against the same sudoku state) by adding multiple steps from the same "Find all steps" run. While the result will be correct the step highlighting could be incomplete which could be misleading.

Adding/Deleting/Renaming solutions

New solutions can be added by activating the popup menu on one of the tabs at the bottom of the step list and choosing "New solution".

Screenshot: Solution path view - add/delete solutions

A new solution with a default name is created and the contents of the solution on whose tab the menu was activated is copied into the new solution.

To delete a solution just right click the corresponding tab and choose "Delete".

Solutions can be renamed using the context menu as well.

Please note: creating a new sudoku always replaces all solutions with the standard solution for the new sudoku without further warning. If you want to preserve your work please save it to disk first.

Printing solutions

Solution paths can be printed or copied to the clipboard. To do this, choose "Print..." from the tabs context menu.

Screenshot: Printing a solution path

A dialog is displayed, which allows you to control the printer output:

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