Chapter 5: Finding all possible steps

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The "All possible steps" view allows you to find and browse all steps that are applicable at the current sudoku state. The panel is divided in three parts:

Screenshot: Find all steps panel

Clicking on a step highlights the step in the sudoku area, as always a textual representation is shown in the hint area text box. When switching to and from another view it is possible that a step is highlighted in the All possible steps view but not in the sudoku area. Clicking the step again doesn't change that. It is necessary to click a different step to refresh the highlighting in the sudoku area.

All steps except Forcing Chains/Nets and Kraken Fish are enabled by default. Forcing Chains/Nets and Kraken Fish are disabled because they tend to produce an enormous amount of steps when searched for in easy sudokus. For harder sudokus where they are necessary they can be easily enabled.

Please note that the All possible steps view is not automatically synchronized with the sudoku. When you press "Find all steps" the steps are correct for the sudoku state displayed but nothing prevents you from making changes in the sudoku and then coming back to the steps you calculated before and select them. Chances are good however that they will be incorrect at that time.

To avoid confusion you should always recalculate the steps before using them.


The configuration dialog for the All possible steps view can be found under "Edit|Preferences|All possible steps".

Screenshot: Find all steps configuration

The tree view on the left side let's you choose which techniques should be included in the search.

The tree view doesn't contain any fish steps (except Kraken Fish). To configure the fish search the "Fish" panel on the right side has to be used.

The "Kraken Fish" configuration panel has similar possibilities as the "Fish" panel. Enabling/Disabling however has to be done in the tree view, a template check is not possible because a Kraken Fish can lead to the elimination of a candidate that is not the fish digit.

The ALS panel holds options for ALS chains:

Step ordering

With the buttons in the toolbar steps can be ordered differently. The buttons represent characters, that define the ordering type:

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